Monday, February 12, 2007

Everyone Loves Eat, Pray, Love

At least Bibliochef does! And oh, how! This is a really nicely done review, from a personal reflective note, of course. Don't expect New York Times Book Review type, but its clear that this book does seem to touch something very personal inside everyone who reads it.

And as a side note, the blog of Bibliochef fills a nice niche for lovers of mystery, food and books about either, or both! The posts vary from topic to topic, but generally stay in the realm of talking about food, wine, mysteries and occasionally other historical tidbits. It's juicy, decadent, self-indulgent yet curious, creative and reflective. I know more than a few bookstore employees and customers who are perfect for this sort of website. My favorite category is Eating God? which covers a nice blend of cooking and religious exploration. Bibliochef isn't the first person to compare food to a religious experience, but I have yet to see anyone make a regular go at writing about it! Nice!

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