Sunday, October 08, 2006


Changing the look of Literati Illuminations. This might not be the only change. Be forwarned.

Speaking of blogs, I found a new LitBlog today. I haven't been able to get on the bandwagon for many that are out there (and there are way too many, of which this is one), but this one was a standout. Design, accessibility, readability, focus, lack of pointless chatter, so on and soforth. Check out BOOKWORM

I know that I am not the intricate, oft-updated, detailed, in the loop blog sort like Elegant Variation or Golden Rule Jones or Bookish or Book Ninja or Grumpy Old Bookman. Mostly I am just me wanting to write about what I read. As ambitious as I get, I will never have a fancy, streamlined, well-organized blog. Just the words here. The moral of the story? Keep on reading and always tell others what you've lately loved in the world of pages, black on white, alpha-art.

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