Saturday, August 19, 2006

Galley Giveaway

My store does a galley giveaway once a year where all our extra galleys get set out and customers can take one for every book they purchase. It's a neat thing and people really seem to get a kick out of it. There are a a large number of good galleys hanging around this year because we got moer quantity or we all were interested in slightly more obscure things or we liked the books so damn much we kept the galleys. Currently I'm going through my stock here at home. I have a lot of books that I've brough home over the last year that I was (and still am) truly interested in reading, but doubt I will get around to them anytime soon. A lot of the nonfiction galleys I've brought home will stay with me. At some point I will read them. But the varied fiction types? Probably not. What I hate is constantly picking up and setting down books. Every time I pick one of these sort up, I peruse it, find it vaguely calling to me, then I put it down because I"m not in the mood or it just doesn't speak to me that day.

Then there is the problem of having new galleys every week. Those pile up faster than I can read them. These are books that I find interesting that someone else is not likely to read and rec so I need to do so. But other people keep recc'ing other books to me that sound really good and then I put down whatever I'm working on in favor of something great someone else has already read.

I think I need some steadfast rules to get through the galley dilemma. Some rules that will keep me structured and on pace so I don't feel so biblio-ADD. If I come up with any, I will let you know.

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