Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mostly Bob, Tom Corwin

Courtesy of an evil co-bookseller, I was forced to open this book yesterday. Then I was forcecd to read it. Then cry. Geez. As if John Grogan's Marley and Me wasn't bad enough in its heart-searing, gut-wrenching attack on your heart, mind, soul and any part of you that's ever even looked a dog fondly let alone be stolen away with affection and love for one. Tom Corwin's tiny little 5-minute-read is nearly as devastating emotionally without all the details. When done right, simplicity is a powerful tool. In a matterof pages you meet Bob, fall in love with Bob, being to realize what is happening, then lose Bob. All while looking at a little silhouette in the corner of...who else?....Bob. If this isn't worth purchasing to loan to every dog-lover you know, it is definitely worth a trip to the bookstore with a kleenex to honk your nose and wipe your eyes when you're done. Thanks guys. *sniff*

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stephanie j said...

Awesome book.
I had to put my dog down two weeks ago: my 12-year-old best friend and German Shepherd, Jake. Still grieving terribly, every day the tears keep coming. And then someone gave me this book. So far I've spent about 25 minutes reading it, because I've read it five times.
I will buy copies of it for dog loving friends, especially those who are grieving the loss of their beloved canines. Thanks for the great blog.